When we opened our doors in March of 2013, it couldn’t have felt more right. Each of us had spent a lot of time at large, global firms and experienced firsthand what works for clients and what doesn’t, and that a “one size fits all” approach was the exact opposite of how we wanted to operate. We also saw better, smarter ways to do things, but were often restricted from implementing them.

The biggest driving factor that led to our decision to launch Beck Bode, LLC, however, was that we wanted to create an environment that reflects our philosophy –- to work closely with our clients, hands-on, from start to finish with the freedom and access to options that allow for truly customized planning. We want to deliver to our clients an experience we would be impressed with if we were in their shoes.

Equally as important, we want a culture that supports and nurtures success for our people. And, we don’t just mean financial success…growth, quality of life and happiness are part of the equation too. We provide unparalleled resources: transition teams, compliance resources and some of the absolute BEST analyst research obtainable. We also leverage an investment strategy that is unique, intuitive and simple, and above all, proven.

So, what we aim for with our boutique model is to provide a highly personal experience to our clients and a highly rewarding experience to our people that ultimately brings success for all those involved. Oh, and we like to fun while doing all of this.

We’re always on the hunt for good colleagues who want to thrive in business and in life. If this is you, let’s connect for a conversation.

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