Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our people.

Our culture is firmly grounded in our people – in who we are, what we believe and in the ethical manner in which we treat and interact with each other and our clients.

  • Benjamin “Ben” Beck, CFP® Managing Partner / Chief Investment Officer

    When I love something, I simply can’t stop talking about it. I want other people to love it as much as I do, and I want them to love it because they have discovered its benefits for themselves. It’s how I feel about CrossFit, about following a Paleo diet, and about the investment philosophy we follow at Beck Bode.

    Growing up as a kid, my head was filled with numbers and baseball. Those were my two passions. I remember getting up early on Sunday mornings to grab the paper to check the scoreboard stats in the Sports section. I knew I wanted to play baseball professionally, and I eventually did.

    After I was done with baseball, I worked in finance. For the longest time, I felt lost telling people to put their money into things in which I didn’t necessarily believe or understand. One day I had met a man who is probably one of the most successful investors of our time. Right away I knew he was a quality individual. He wasn’t just good at what he did, he did good with what he did. He became my mentor and he changed my life.

    He shared with me that once you realize that you have no control over the stock market, then market timing, using past performance or price as a determinant for buying or selling – all of those criteria become irrelevant to your decision-making. But what if you make disciplined decisions based on expert analysis of company fundamentals? That’s when the light bulb went on for me. And I haven’t stopped talking about it ever since.

    Outside of work, I’m swept up in the whirlwind of an active family with my wife Danielle, and our three young children. I love witnessing firsthand the long-term effects of a disciplined approach: whether it’s diet and exercise, raising a family, or investing.

  • James “Jim” Bode Managing Partner

    I always knew I wanted to be part of something big, something that would exist beyond me, a reason for being that was more than a paycheck. Beck Bode is the answer to that quest.

    It has taken so much hard work, time and energy to realize our dream for this firm. I will tell you, it’s easier to embark on a project like this when you have something to believe in – whether it’s your faith, your family, your investment philosophy, your business partner, or all of the above, in my case.

    My family, friends and clients know that I love to be of service. I’ve been drawn to the ‘helping professions’ ever since I can remember. Before I chose to go into financial services, I seriously considered becoming a teacher.

    The beauty of the work we do here at Beck Bode is that it allows me to give in so many ways. It includes educating people, being a good listener, and sharing the benefit of decades of experience in financial planning. I’m privileged to have insight into many lives, and proud that our work truly does open doors for people to achieve lifelong goals.

    My passion for service also draws me to non-profits – occasionally through my work, and frequently outside it. I get great fulfillment from volunteering with Salvation Army and United Methodist Church.

    I’m crazy about my family: they are my first priority. My wife, Crista and I are raising three young children. “Family first” is a value we share as a firm.

    If I had to come up with a few words I strive to live by, I would say: “Do good. Do no harm.” If I can live up to this principle on any given day, then I can count it as a day well lived.

  • Dan Kline Chief Operating Officer

    I spent my early career in technology, working for a string of fast-paced startups. Eventually, I connected with a former college roommate who needed help with a different kind of business that needed operations support to be able to scale the practice.  It was a physical therapy practice that consisted of six offices and had around 60 employees and together we grew that practice to 20 different locations and 160 employees. It was an amazing run.

    I sense that same energy at Beck Bode – the capacity to do something really different, and to make a serious difference in many people’s lives. I’ve always been a huge fan of Beck Bode. Up to now, I’ve been a client, and in 2018, I get to be a member of the team. What I love about this outfit is how genuine and straight up everyone is. There’s transparency to their method, which makes complete sense to me as an investor, and also makes sense to me as an employee.

    As the person responsible for managing the operations of this firm, I’m excited to take the vision, and figure out how to translate it to reality. I streamline workflows, oversee compliance, align the right people with the right projects, and make sure that Ben and Jim are freed up to do what they do best: see clients.  I heard a quote once that really resonated with me: “Don’t strive for perfection, make the best plan possible, then adapt, adjust, and learn.” I think this is how I’ve conducted my entire career. It’s a philosophy that works for me and results in positive forward motion. I look forward to putting it to work here.

    What else can I tell you? My family is everything to me.  My wife Norine & I have two daughters, a 20-year old who is a Down Syndrome person and a 17-year-old who is getting ready to go to college this year.  Recently, I decided to engage with my local community in Westboro, Massachusetts, by joining an initiative called the Appalachian Service Project. It’s something I’m doing with my younger daughter, and it can best be described as “ministry with a bit of carpentry.” Essentially, we travel to poor rural areas in Appalachia with substandard housing to perform repairs that make homes “warmer, safer, and drier.”

    I have to add I don’t know the least bit about carpentry. And as far as ministry is concerned, I don’t subscribe to any particular faith. That said, I do believe that one can receive by just listening to what people have to say. I get so much out of connecting with people, and practicing empathy. I guess you could say I hear God through people. That’s my way.

    Credentials and Other Trivia

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Northeastern University
    • I’m a huge basketball fan.
  • Marcelle Peterson Executive Director – Client Relationships

    I have spent my entire professional career in financial services. For many years I put on a headset and though it ruined my hair, it helped launch my career! I supported individual clients before shifting to an internal sales desk fielding calls from financial advisors. I then moved up to an internal wholesaler position supporting advisors and building institutional relationships.

    After a few stops at various firms, I began working with Jim Bode. As wholesalers, we were introduced to Ben Beck, who became a client of ours. Not much later, Jim and Ben formed Beck Bode Wealth Management. It became clear to me that it was time to hang up myheadset to stand with them when they formed their own firm in 2013.

    My roles in presenting products and services, and supporting a wide range of constituents have given me the skills and understanding of how to provide exemplary service to all.

    I am not only an employee but also a client of Beck Bode. Faith and family, the values I uphold as the most important in my life, are the values we also share here as a team.

    I live in Attleboro, Massachusetts with my husband Scott, our daughter Allie, and crazy kitty Spacey.

  • Erik Beck Vice President / Financial Advisor

    In 2006 my brother, Ben, sent me a book to read when I was working as a firefighter and EMT in Atlanta. My first thought was “Who has time to read?” Ben said, “You need to read this, because this is how I’m managing money for my clients, this is how I’m managing your IRA and mom and dad’s retirement.” He pressured me for about eight months, until I finally gave in.

    This book got me so fired up, that I decided to get into the financial field. I’d gone to college, I’d worked in large corporations, and I had managed an NHL regulation practice facility for the Atlanta Thrashers, but this was a challenge that felt connected to my life purpose: to be of service to others.

    After a few years at a large financial firm, I joined Ben and Jim at Beck Bode. I can summarize for you what it is that I love about Beck Bode:

    • – Our philosophy is simple – no smoke, no mirrors
    • – Our method is fully transparent
    • – Fifty years of industry data support the validity of our approach
    • – It challenges the status quo and delivers results
    • – Most importantly, our work serves people and helps make lives better

    It is my world view that when it comes to money (or anything for that matter), we have to be good stewards of what we’ve been given. It is our responsibility to go the extra mile for people and to put others ahead of ourselves. This philosophy informs everything I do.

    Outside of work, I’m deeply invested in my faith community. I like playing tennis and hockey, and I’m always on the lookout for a beautiful coastline and a good stretch of sand.

  • Andy Martone Director, Institutional Relationships

    I’ve been working in finance for close to three decades. I’ve known Ben and Jim for years, because they used to be my clients, and I remember really enjoying my interactions with them. They always cajoled me to join them, but somehow it never happened.

    A relative of mine was laid off in the tech field, and asked me to recommend a financial advisor. The first name that came to mind was Beck Bode. He met with them and loved their approach. I thought to myself, “If I like calling on these guys from my side of the desk, and this family member likes them from his side of the desk, why wouldn’t I give this a shot and see what it would be like to work together?” It was as simple as that.

    I get to connect with people about one of the most important topics in their life, their financial future. What gets me fired up today is the same thing that got me excited about this field to begin with. It’s getting positive feedback from our clients, knowing that our work is really helping people move forward in their lives. That’s fulfilling to me.

    I used to play hockey professionally, and I carry with me many of the lessons from being a high-performance athlete: to be coachable, to keep the end goal in mind, and to always remember that it takes more than one person to get you to the finish line. Everyone at Beck Bode is here to help everyone else. I’m thrilled to be a part of this winning, high-energy team.

    When I’m not passionately sharing the Beck Bode story with prospective clients, financial institutions and other advisors, you’ll find me volunteering as a hockey coach for the Boston Junior Bruins. My wife, Carolyn, and I live on Cape Cod. We have two sons in college.

    Credentials and Other Trivia

    • Bachelor’s Degree in English, Salem State University, Massachusetts
  • Tricia Welsh, CFP® Financial Advisor

    I’m a believer in doing the right thing. If I know that I’m helping someone through my work, then I will do it. My money philosophy is that at some point, “enough is enough” and many of my clients have arrived at the same conclusion by identifying the real priorities in their lives. I know that when I make a positive difference in someone’s life, it makes me feel good.

    Much of my work is with people who are getting divorced. I also help couples with retirement and other future planning. There are plenty of opportunities for me to help people get on a path to “better”.

    I’ve been a financial planner and advisor for a long time, but I’ve never been affiliated with a team like Beck Bode – probably because there are few firms like this. Here, there are no gimmicks. The investment methodology is intentionally straightforward, fully transparent and easy to understand. By nature, I’m a skeptic. When I first learned about how Beck Bode invests, I had to go do my own research to believe it. ‘Conventional’ investment management lacks the commonsense philosophy we embrace here.

    We are a boutique firm with a very defined thought process, and incredible client support. I have not experienced a work environment where help is so easily and generously given. It’s the kind of place where the support team is both highly energetic and incredibly thoughtful. They’re always thinking one or two steps ahead, which never ceases to amaze and delight me.

    What else? I’m a very recent empty nester, I’ve worked on Wall Street, I’ve been a reporter, and I even learned how to fly in my 20’s, at a time when I needed to prove something to myself. So I tell everybody, “Who knows where you’re going to end up? Just enjoy where the journey takes you.”

    Credentials and Other Trivia

    • MBA in Finance, NYU Stern School of Business, New York, NY
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
    • Certificate in Financial Planning, Boston University
    • Member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA)
    • Private Pilot’s license
  • Katie MacDonald, CFP®, CRPC®, CDFA™ Financial Advisor

    I’ve worked in financial services since 2000 – my entire career to date. Throughout this time, I have served in diverse roles ranging from relationship management to back end support, and of course, as a financial advisor. I’ve worked in fixed income, wealth management and other areas for large financial firms.

    Witnessing this business from so many different angles has allowed me to think hard about how I would ultimately set up my own practice. What kind of financial advisor would I want to be for my clients?

    I knew I wanted to be deeply knowledgeable about my topic, so I pursued the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional (CFP®) designation, which I completed in 2009. I also knew that I wanted to uphold certain standard of ethics and responsibility, because I wanted to be someone my clients could count on, one hundred percent.

    I chose to join Beck Bode because of the culture. We treat clients the way we would want to be treated ourselves. There is no pressure on the clients, or on the advisors for a transaction to be completed. I particularly love the fact that my practice grows exclusively by referral. My belief is that if I do the right thing for my clients, they will want to tell their friends, family and colleagues about me.

    My work takes me all over New England. It’s a relief to be able to count on the solid support team at Beck Bode to help me take care of my clients’ needs.

    I live in Taunton, Massachusetts and I enjoy giving back to my local community. This past year I’ve sponsored two golf tournaments to fund college scholarships for high school, and for underprivileged children in the area to attend the Girls and Boys club summer program.

    Credentials and Other Trivia

    • Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™
    • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™
    • Certificate in Financial Planning, Boston University
    • Recipient of the Anthony Farma Financial Planning Association of MA Scholarship
    • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts
  • Jane Evelyn, CFP® Financial Advisor

    What impressed me most about Beck Bode when I was first introduced to the firm was their disciplined analytical approach to investing. It was important to me that my private practice clients would now have the opportunity to take advantage of these proven investment strategies.

    I earned my Certified Financial Planner ™ (CFP®) designation in 1997. Before joining Beck Bode I had run a solo fee-only financial planning practice for 12 years – doing everything myself – including compliance oversight; investments; tax and retirement planning and estate planning. As time went on, I decided that I wanted to align myself with a firm that could provide me with back office and investment support. This would allow me to concentrate on working directly with my clients on financial planning.

    Beyond a solid investment strategy, Beck Bode has implemented a back office infrastructure, team and service workflow that I can rely upon. This not only takes a huge weight off of my shoulders, it also provides my clients continuity and service.

    The fact that Beck Bode is fee-only is critical to me. I remain committed to the fee-only approach, not accepting commissions or other types of compensation for any investment, insurance or other financial product that I might suggest to a client.

    It is important for me to know that I have entrusted my affairs to good people, who have the right skills and moral compass. I know that’s what my clients consider when they choose to work with me.

    In 2016, my husband Allan and I moved to beautiful Kennebunkport, Maine– our long-term vacation destination, which we are now proud to also call home.

    Credentials and Other Trivia

    • Northwestern University, Bachelor of Arts in Economics
    • Member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA)
    • Member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)
  • Vincent “Vinny” Savio Associate

    Coming from a 10-year career in management in the fitness industry, an internship at Beck Bode confirmed for me that this was the direction I wanted to pursue. Not having a background in finance made the transition a risky change, but with the support of the core team and under Ben and Jim’s guidance, it was the best move I could have ever made.

    My wife, Kristen, is my biggest supporter and was the force that encouraged me to make the leap to Beck Bode. Much of what I know about running a business, managing a team, and ensuring a seamless operation has been translatable to my new role.

    What I love most about a growing firm like Beck Bode is the ability to wear many different hats. My favorite part of this journey is meeting new people and hearing their stories. Nothing is as empowering as helping people achieve their dreams.

    In addition to our Bernese Mountain Dog, Samson, Kristen and I have recently added a little girl to our family and could not be happier. In my personal time I love working out at Crossfit, hacking up the local golf courses, and relaxing in Newport, Rhode Island with my family.

  • Matt Morizio Private Client Advisor

    I was introduced to Beck Bode, and specifically to Ben Beck, through a mutual connection who knew we were passionate about the same things: family and fitness. Before I knew it, Ben was asking if I would consider a career move to wealth management. However, he insisted that if we were going to talk seriously, I would first need to read a book that had been seminal to his growth.

    Were it not for that book, and for Ben and Jim’s passion for their business, I would not be here today. Upon joining Beck Bode, I knew I was part of something special. Every day, I wake up and have the opportunity to impact people’s financial futures in meaningful ways.

    At Beck Bode, we don’t see the investment industry the same as most. I find it rewarding to be able to offer an alternative to people, to educate them on their options when it comes to managing money.

    “Passionate” describes everyone who works at Beck Bode. Whether it’s work-related or an outside interest, we are passionate about our beliefs, especially the four F’s – faith, family, fitness, and of course, finance.

    Outside the office, you can find me spending time with my rapidly growing family, on my hobby-farm that includes chickens, ducks and goats, working on my fixer-upper home built in the 1800’s, training at the gym, and active in my church, Highrock Acton.

    Credentials and Other Trivia

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Northeastern University
    • Series 65 Licensed
    • Member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and FPA NexGen
    • Member of the Trusts and Estates Consortium (TEC)
    • I played baseball with the Royals for five seasons in the minor leagues
    • I love audiobooks and am always looking for book recommendations
    • Check out my site, matthewmorizio.com, for investment education written in plain English.
  • Brian Wickett Private Client Advisor

    Like just about everyone here at Beck Bode, I’m an athlete who understands that fitness takes a long-term perspective. The same holds true for investing and finance. It was this parallel that made the transition to Beck Bode an easy one for me. Having worked in the wellness industry for 15 years, I could see the importance of goal setting and proposing paths to helping clients reach their goals.

    What I particularly appreciate about Beck Bode is their investment philosophy. It’s a validated strategy that opens clients’ eyes to the kinds of questions they should be asking their advisors. First, we educate our clients on identifying the metrics and criteria really do matter, and then we show them how to follow the strategy.

    Another thing that is important to me is to be backed by an entire wealth management team. Beyond having access to an advisor, every client benefits from the collective experience of a seasoned group of investment and financial planning professionals. Lastly, a well-orchestrated service experience is an intentional component of working with Beck Bode.

    When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time up north, getting outdoors, hunting and fishing in the great state of Maine.

    Credentials and Other Trivia

    • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Fitness, University of Maine
  • William Ryan, CFP® Financial Advisor

    When I first started working in the financial industry, I came into the business from the tax end of things. I worked for one of the largest accounting firms in Boston, and noticed from the start that the tax advisor doesn’t have a fraction of the impact s/he could have on the client.

    To me, the tax business feels really reactive. People typically come and see you once a year, and then you have to deal with the consequences of whatever actions they have taken over the course of the previous year. I always want to say “But wait, if you’d asked me about this last year, we could have discussed some alternate strategies!”

    Combining the tax conversation with a discussion of pro-active strategies that you can take to help both grow your financial position and protect yourself seems like the natural thing to do. This is why I eventually left the big accounting firm, obtained my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional designation, and started my own independent fee-based planning business.

    In 2017, I made the decision to merge my practice with Beck Bode, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals so that they in turn can have the freedom to pursue their passions. The Beck Bode investment strategy aligns perfectly with my own perspective on money. It’s a straightforward, disciplined, fully transparent investment approach that clients not only understand, but also works. How many advisors can say that to their clients?

    Yes, I still do help clients with tax efficient strategies – except now, I get to proudly share what I think they might want to do with their savings: grow them some more! I’m also thrilled to be in a position where I can connect with clients beyond tax season. I want my clients to know that they can call me anytime they have a question that may impact their finances.

    I’m a family guy, which is a trait I share with the Beck Bode team. As one of five kids, I’m excited to grow my own family with my wife, Michele, with whom I currently have two young daughters.